1 image_example.pages.inc theme_image_example_image($variables)

Theme function displays an image rendered using the specified style.

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modules/examples/image_example/image_example.pages.inc, line 144
Page/form showing image styles in use.


function theme_image_example_image($variables) {
  $image = $variables['image'];
  $style = $variables['style'];

  // theme_image_style() is the primary method for displaying images using
  // one of the defined styles. The $variables array passed to the theme
  // contains the following two important values:
  // - 'style_name': the name of the image style to use when displaying the
  //   image.
  // - 'path': the $file->uri of the image to display.
  // When given a style and an image path the function will first determine
  // if a derivative image already exists, in which case the existing image
  // will be displayed. If the derivative image does not already exist the
  // function returns an <img> tag with a specially crafted callback URL
  // as the src attribute for the tag. When accessed, the callback URL will
  // generate the derivative image and serve it to the browser.
  $output = theme('image_style', 
    'style_name' => $style,
    'uri' => $image->uri,
  $output .= '<p>' . t('This image is being displayed using the image style %style_name.', array('%style_name' => $style)) . '</p>';
  return $output;