1 image_example.module image_example_image_effect_info()

Implements hook_image_effect_info().

This hook allows your module to define additional image manipulation effects that can be used with image styles.

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modules/examples/image_example/image_example.module, line 164
Hooks implementations for the Image Example module.


function image_example_image_effect_info() {
  $effects = array();

  // The array is keyed on the machine-readable effect name.
  $effects['image_example_colorize'] = array(
    // Human-readable name of the effect.
    'label' => t('Colorize'),
    // (optional) Brief description of the effect that will be shown when
    // adding or configuring this image effect.
    'help' => t('The colorize effect will first remove all color from the source image and then tint the image using the color specified.'),
    // Name of function called to perform this effect.
    'effect callback' => 'image_example_colorize_effect',
    // (optional) Name of function that provides a $form array with options for
    // configuring the effect. Note that you only need to return the fields
    // specific to your module. Submit buttons will be added automatically, and
    // configuration options will be serialized and added to the 'data' element
    // of the effect. The function will receive the $effect['data'] array as
    // its only parameter.
    'form callback' => 'image_example_colorize_form',
    // (optional) Name of a theme function that will output a summary of this
    // effects' configuration. Used when displaying list of effects associated
    // with an image style. In this example the function
    // theme_image_example_colorize_summary will be called via the theme()
    // function. Your module must also implement hook_theme() in order for this
    // function to work correctly. See image_example_theme() and
    // theme_image_example_colorize_summary().
    'summary theme' => 'image_example_colorize_summary',

  return $effects;