1 field_permission_example.module field_permission_example_permission()

Implements hook_permission().

We want to let site administrators figure out who should be able to view, edit, and administer our field.

Field permission operations can only be view or edit, in the context of one's own content or that of others. Constrast with content types where we also have to worry about who can create or delete content.

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modules/examples/field_permission_example/field_permission_example.module, line 94
An example field using the Field Types API.


function field_permission_example_permission() {
  // Note: This would be very easy to generate programatically,
  // but it's all typed out here for clarity.
  // The key text is the machine name of the permission.
  $perms['view own fieldnote'] = array('title' => t('View own fieldnote'));
  $perms['edit own fieldnote'] = array('title' => t('Edit own fieldnote'));
  $perms['view any fieldnote'] = array('title' => t('View any fieldnote'));
  $perms['edit any fieldnote'] = array('title' => t('Edit any fieldnote'));

  return $perms;