1 field_example.module field_example_field_validate($entity_type, $entity, $field, $instance, $langcode, $items, &$errors)

Implements hook_field_validate().

This hook gives us a chance to validate content that's in our field. We're really only interested in the $items parameter, since it holds arrays representing content in the field we've defined. We want to verify that the items only contain RGB hex values like this: #RRGGBB. If the item validates, we do nothing. If it doesn't validate, we add our own error notification to the $errors parameter.

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modules/examples/field_example/field_example.module, line 82
An example field using the Field Types API.


function field_example_field_validate($entity_type, $entity, $field, $instance, $langcode, $items, &$errors) {
  foreach ($items as $delta => $item) {
    if (!empty($item['rgb'])) {
      if (!preg_match('@^#[0-9a-f]{6}$@', $item['rgb'])) {
        $errors[$field['field_name']][$langcode][$delta][] = array(
          'error' => 'field_example_invalid',
          'message' => t('Color must be in the HTML format #abcdef.'),