BlockExample extends Block

The Block class provides methods to provide blocks without utilizing the Backdrop hook system. The methods provided here allow you to define the labels, forms, validation, and display of blocks.

Blocks defined by extending the Block class cannot be "_altered" in the traditional manner, however this class can be extended, and the methods overridden, to introduce new functionality.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Block::checkAccess function Check if this block should be shown based on current contexts.
Block::getAdminConditionsPreview function Return a fieldset listing any visibility conditions set for this block.
Block::getAdminPreview function Return a preview for this block.
Block::getBlockInfo function Return the block info for this block, as provided by hook_block_info().
Block::getChildren function Allows an array of "child blocks" for display in the "Add Block" dialog.
Block::getClone function Clone this block to give it a new UUID but the same configuration.
Block::getRequiredContexts function Get a list of all required context plugin names for this block.
Block::prepare function Do any processing prior to getTitle() and getContent() being called.
Block::setContexts function Set the contexts for this block.
Block::toArray function Convert the configuration of this block to an array for storage. Overrides LayoutHandler::toArray
Block::__construct function Create a new Block object. Overrides LayoutHandler::__construct
BlockExample::form function Builds the block's configuration form. Overrides Block::form
BlockExample::formSubmit function Submit handler to save the form settings. Overrides Block::formSubmit
BlockExample::formValidate function Validates the form settings. Overrides Block::formValidate
BlockExample::getAdminTitle function Sets title text on draggable block panel in Layout builder. Overrides Block::getAdminTitle
BlockExample::getContent function Returns the rendered content of this block. Overrides Block::getContent
BlockExample::getTitle function Sets block subject on block view. Overrides Block::getTitle
LayoutHandler::label function Assemble a human-readable label of this object.