1 action_example.module action_example_basic_action(&$entity, $context = array())

Action function for action_example_basic_action.

This action is not expecting any type of entity object.


object $entity: An optional entity object.

array $context: Array with parameters for this action: depends on the trigger.

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modules/examples/action_example/action_example.module, line 172
Hook implementation for the Action Example module.


function action_example_basic_action(&$entity, $context = array()) {
  // In this case we are ignoring the entity and the context. This case of
  // action is useful when your action does not depend on the context, and
  // the function must do something regardless the scope of the trigger.
  // Simply announces that the action was executed using a message.
  backdrop_set_message(t('action_example_basic_action fired'));
  watchdog('action_example', 'action_example_basic_action fired.');