Namesort ascending Description
Installer module: update Installer module functionality for updating existing code.
Installer module: install Installer module functionality for installing new code.
Installer module: file management Installer module file management functions.
Input validation Functions to validate user input.
Image toolkits Functions for image file manipulations.
HTTP handling Functions to properly handle HTTP responses.
Hooks Allow modules to interact with the Backdrop core.
Hook implementations for user-created content types Functions that implement hooks for user-created content types.
Formatting Functions to format numbers, strings, dates, etc.
Form generation Functions to enable the processing and display of HTML forms.
Form builder functions Functions that build an abstract representation of a HTML form.
File module public API functions These functions may be used to determine if and where a file is in use.
File interface Common file handling functions.
File displays API Functions to load and save information about file displays.
File access rights The file access system determines who can do what to which files.
Field Widget API Define Field API widget types.
Field Types API Define field types.
Field Storage API Implement a storage engine for Field API data.
Field Language API Handling of multilingual fields.
Field Info API Obtain information about Field API configuration.
Field Formatter API Define Field API formatter types.
Field CRUD API Create, update, and delete Field API fields, bundles, and instances.
Field Attach API Operate on Field API data attached to Backdrop entities.
Field API bulk data deletion Clean up after Field API bulk deletion operations.
Field API Attach custom data fields to Backdrop entities.
Examples Well-documented API examples for a broad range of Backdrop core functionality.
Example: Vertical Tabs Demonstrates the vertical tabs functionality provided by Backdrop.
Example: Token API Examples using the Token API.
Example: Theming Example of Backdrop theming.
Example: Tablesort Example of a sortable table display.
Example: Tabledrag Example of draggable table rows.
Example: Simpletest An example of simpletest tests to accompany the tutorial at
Example: Render Demonstrate how render arrays are arranged and how they can be altered. This alters blocks and the page to show the actual render array that is being used to create each item.
Example: Queue Demonstrating the Queue API
Example: Pager Example of a results pager.
Example: Page This example demonstrates how a module can display a page at a given URL.
Example: NodeAPI Example using NodeAPI.
Example: Node Access Demonstrates node access.
Example: Node Example defining a node type in code.
Example: Menu Demonstrates uses of the Menu APIs in Backdrop.
Example: JavaScript Examples using Backdrop's built-in JavaScript.
Example: Image Demonstrates the basic use of image API.
Example: Form API Examples demonstrating the Backdrop Form API.
Example: Filter Demonstrates the creation of filters.
Example: Files Examples demonstrating the backdrop File API (and Stream Wrappers).
Example: Field Types API Examples using Field Types API.
Example: Field Permissions Example using permissions on a Field API field.
Example: Entity Example creating a core Entity API entity.
Example: Email Example of how to use Backdrop's mail API.
Example: Database (DBTNG) Database examples, including DBTNG.