1 update.php update_check_requirements($skip_warnings = FALSE)

Checks update requirements and reports errors and (optionally) warnings.


$skip_warnings: (optional) If set to TRUE, requirement warnings will be ignored, and a report will only be issued if there are requirement errors. Defaults to FALSE.


core/update.php, line 437
Administrative page for handling updates from one Backdrop version to another.


function update_check_requirements($skip_warnings = FALSE) {
  // Check requirements of all loaded modules.
  $requirements = module_invoke_all('requirements', 'update');
  $requirements += update_extra_requirements();
  $severity = backdrop_requirements_severity($requirements);

  // If there are errors, always display them. If there are only warnings, skip
  // them if the caller has indicated they should be skipped.
  if ($severity == REQUIREMENT_ERROR || ($severity == REQUIREMENT_WARNING && !$skip_warnings)) {
    backdrop_set_title('Requirements problem');
    $task_list = update_task_list('requirements');
    $status_report = theme('status_report', array('requirements' => $requirements));
    $status_report .= 'Check the messages and <a href="' . check_url(backdrop_requirements_url($severity)) . '">try again</a>.';
    print theme('update_page', array('content' => $status_report, 'sidebar' => $task_list));