1 views_ui.test ViewsUIWizardMenuTestCase::testMenus()

Tests the menu functionality.


core/modules/views/tests/views_ui.test, line 542
Tests Views UI Wizard.


Tests the ability of the views wizard to put views in a menu.


function testMenus() {
  // Create a view with a page display and a menu link in the Main Menu.
  $view = array();
  $view['human_name'] = $this->randomName(16);
  $view['name'] = strtolower($this->randomName(16));
  $view['description'] = $this->randomName(16);
  $view['page[create]'] = 1;
  $view['page[title]'] = $this->randomName(16);
  $view['page[path]'] = $this->randomName(16);
  $view['page[link]'] = 1;
  $view['page[link_properties][menu_name]'] = 'main-menu';
  $view['page[link_properties][title]'] = $this->randomName(16);
  $this->backdropPost('admin/structure/views/add', $view, t('Save view'));

  // Make sure there is a link to the view from the home page (where we
  // expect the main menu to display).

  // Make sure the link is associated with the main menu.
  $links = menu_load_links('main-menu');
  $found = FALSE;
  foreach ($links as $link) {
    if ($link['link_path'] == $view['page[path]']) {
      $found = TRUE;
  $this->assertTrue($found, t('Found a link to %path in the primary navigation', array('%path' => $view['page[path]'])));