Tests a dynamic access plugin.


Expanded class hierarchy of views_test_plugin_access_test_dynamic


core/modules/views/tests/views_test/test_plugins/views_test_plugin_access_test_dynamic.inc, line 10
Definition of views_test_plugin_access_test_dynamic.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
views_object::construct function Views handlers use a special construct function so that we can more easily construct them with variable arguments.
views_object::destroy function
views_object::options Deprecated function Set default options on this object. Called by the constructor in a complex chain to deal with backward compatibility.
views_object::set_default_options function Set default options. For backward compatibility, it sends the options array; this is a feature that will likely disappear at some point.
views_object::set_definition function Let the handler know what its full definition is.
views_object::unpack_options function Unpack options over our existing defaults, drilling down into arrays so that defaults don't get totally blown away.
views_object::unpack_translatable public function Unpack a single option definition.
views_object::unpack_translatables public function Unpacks each handler to store translatable texts.
views_object::_set_option_defaults function
views_plugin::additional_theme_functions function Provide a list of additional theme functions for the theme information page
views_plugin::plugin_title function Return the human readable name of the display.
views_plugin::query function Add anything to the query that we might need to.
views_plugin::theme_functions function Provide a full list of possible theme templates used by this style.
views_plugin::validate function Validate that the plugin is correct and can be saved.
views_plugin_access::init function Initialize the plugin.
views_plugin_access::options_form function Provide the default form for setting options. Overrides views_plugin::options_form
views_plugin_access::options_submit function Provide the default form form for submitting options Overrides views_plugin::options_submit
views_plugin_access::options_validate function Provide the default form form for validating options Overrides views_plugin::options_validate
views_plugin_access::summary_title function Return a string to display as the clickable title for the access control. Overrides views_plugin::summary_title
views_test_plugin_access_test_dynamic::access function Determine if the current user has access or not. Overrides views_plugin_access::access
views_test_plugin_access_test_dynamic::get_access_callback function Determine the access callback and arguments. Overrides views_plugin_access::get_access_callback
views_test_plugin_access_test_dynamic::option_definition function Retrieve the options when this is a new access control plugin Overrides views_plugin_access::option_definition