Default simple view template to all the fields as a row.

  • $view: The view in use.
  • $fields: an array of $field objects. Each one contains:
    • $field->content: The output of the field.
    • $field->raw: The raw data for the field, if it exists. This is NOT output safe.
    • $field->class: The safe class id to use.
    • $field->handler: The Views field handler object controlling this field. Do not use var_export to dump this object, as it can't handle the recursion.
    • $field->inline: Whether or not the field should be inline.
    • $field->inline_html: either div or span based on the above flag.
    • $field->wrapper_prefix: A complete wrapper containing the inline_html to use.
    • $field->wrapper_suffix: The closing tag for the wrapper.
    • $field->separator: an optional separator that may appear before a field.
    • $field->label: The wrap label text to use.
    • $field->label_html: The full HTML of the label to use including configured element type.
  • $row: The raw result object from the query, with all data it fetched.



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