1 views_plugin_style_mapping.inc abstract protected views_plugin_style_mapping::define_mapping()

Builds the list of field mappings.

Return value

array: An associative array, keyed by the field name, containing the following key-value pairs:

  • #title: The human-readable label for this field.
  • #default_value: The default value for this field. If not provided, an empty string will be used.
  • #description: A description of this field.
  • #required: Whether this field is required.
  • #filter: (optional) A method on the plugin to filter field options.
  • #toggle: (optional) If this select should be toggled by a checkbox.


core/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_style_mapping.inc, line 26
Definition of views_plugin_style_mapping.


Allows fields to be mapped to specific use cases.


abstract protected function define_mapping();