1 views_plugin_query_default.inc views_plugin_query_default::add_orderby($table, $field = NULL, $order = 'ASC', $alias = '', $params = array())

Add an ORDER BY clause to the query.


$table: The table this field is part of. If a formula, enter NULL. If you want to orderby random use "rand" as table and nothing else.

$field: The field or formula to sort on. If already a field, enter NULL and put in the alias.

$order: Either ASC or DESC.

$alias: The alias to add the field as. In SQL, all fields in the order by must also be in the SELECT portion. If an $alias isn't specified one will be generated for from the $field; however, if the $field is a formula, this alias will likely fail.

$params: Any params that should be passed through to the add_field.


core/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_query_default.inc, line 1022
Defines the default query object.


Object used to create a SELECT query.


function add_orderby($table, $field = NULL, $order = 'ASC', $alias = '', $params = array()) {
  // Only ensure the table if it's not the special random key.
  // @todo: Maybe it would make sense to just add a add_orderby_rand or something similar.
  if ($table && $table != 'rand') {

  // Only fill out this aliasing if there is a table;
  // otherwise we assume it is a formula.
  if (!$alias && $table) {
    $as = $table . '_' . $field;
  else {
    $as = $alias;

  if ($field) {
    $as = $this->add_field($table, $field, $as, $params);

  $this->orderby[] = array(
    'field' => $as,
    'direction' => strtoupper($order)

 	 * -- removing, this should be taken care of by field adding now.
     * -- leaving commented because I am unsure.
      // If grouping, all items in the order by must also be in the
      // group by clause. Check $table to ensure that this is not a
      // formula.
      if ($this->groupby && $table) {