1 user.test UserCancelTestCase::testUserCancelWithoutPermission()

Attempt to cancel account without permission.


core/modules/user/tests/user.test, line 643
Tests for user.module.


Test cancelling a user.


function testUserCancelWithoutPermission() {
  config_set('system.core', 'user_cancel_method', 'user_cancel_reassign');

  // Create a user.
  $account = $this->backdropCreateUser(array());
  // Load real user object.
  $account = user_load($account->uid, TRUE);

  // Create a node.
  $node = $this->backdropCreateNode(array('uid' => $account->uid));

  // Attempt to cancel account.
  $this->backdropGet('user/' . $account->uid . '/edit');
  $this->assertNoRaw(t('Cancel account'), 'No cancel account button displayed.');

  // Attempt bogus account cancellation request confirmation.
  $timestamp = $account->login;
  $this->backdropGet("user/$account->uid/cancel/confirm/$timestamp/" . user_pass_rehash($account->pass, $timestamp, $account->login, $account->uid));
  $this->assertResponse(403, 'Bogus cancelling request rejected.');
  $account = user_load($account->uid);
  $this->assertTrue($account->status == 1, 'User account was not canceled.');

  // Confirm user's content has not been altered.
  $test_node = node_load($node->nid, NULL, TRUE);
  $this->assertTrue(($test_node->uid == $account->uid && $test_node->status == 1), 'Node of the user has not been altered.');