1 translation.module translation_path_get_translations($path)

Returns the paths of all translations of a node, based on its Backdrop path.


$path: A Backdrop path, for example node/432.

Return value

An array of paths of translations of the node accessible to the current: user, keyed with language codes.


core/modules/translation/translation.module, line 570
Manages content translations.


function translation_path_get_translations($path) {
  $paths = array();
  // Check for a node related path, and for its translations.
  if ((preg_match("!^node/(\d+)(/.+|)$!", $path, $matches)) && ($node = node_load((int) $matches[1])) && !empty($node->tnid)) {
    foreach (translation_node_get_translations($node->tnid) as $language => $translation_node) {
      $paths[$language] = 'node/' . $translation_node->nid . $matches[2];
  return $paths;