1 telemetry.api.php hook_telemetry_data_alter(array $telemetry_data)

Alter the complete list of values collected by Telemetry before sending.

This hook should rarely be used but is provided for completeness and consistency. Modifications to the returned data may skew analytics collected by the central server (usually BackdropCMS.org).

To prevent data from being collected in the first place, use hook_telemetry_info_alter() and remove the key. Or simply disable the Telemetry module entirely.


array $telemetry_data:

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core/modules/telemetry/telemetry.api.php, line 103
Hooks provided by the Telemetry module.


function hook_telemetry_data_alter(array $telemetry_data) {
  if (isset($telemetry_data['my_module_setting_1'])) {
    $telemetry_data['my_module_setting_1'] = 'some_different_value';