Functions to maintain taxonomy indexing.

Taxonomy uses default field storage to store canonical relationships between terms and fieldable entities. However its most common use case requires listing all content associated with a term or group of terms sorted by creation date. To avoid slow queries due to joining across multiple node and field tables with various conditions and order by criteria, we maintain a denormalized table with all relationships between terms, published nodes and common sort criteria such as sticky and created. This is used as a lookup table by taxonomy_select_nodes(). When using other field storage engines or alternative methods of denormalizing this data you should set the config option 'maintain_index_table' to FALSE in the taxonomy.settings.json configuration file to avoid unnecessary writes in SQL.


core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module, line 1971
Enables the organization of content into categories.


Namesort descending Location Description
taxonomy_build_node_index core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Builds and inserts taxonomy index entries for a given node.
taxonomy_config_create_validate core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Implements hook_config_create_validate()
taxonomy_config_info core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Implements hook_taxonomy_config_info().
taxonomy_delete_node_index core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Deletes taxonomy index entries for a given node.
taxonomy_field_presave core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Implements hook_field_presave().
taxonomy_node_insert core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Implements hook_node_insert().
taxonomy_node_predelete core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Implements hook_node_predelete().
taxonomy_node_update core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Implements hook_node_update().
taxonomy_taxonomy_term_delete core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Implements hook_taxonomy_term_delete().