1 lock.test LockFunctionalTest::testLockAcquire()

Confirm that we can acquire and release locks in two parallel requests.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/lock.test, line 16


Tests for the lock system.


function testLockAcquire() {
  $lock_acquired = 'TRUE: Lock successfully acquired in system_test_lock_acquire()';
  $lock_not_acquired = 'FALSE: Lock not acquired in system_test_lock_acquire()';
  $this->assertTrue(lock_acquire('system_test_lock_acquire'), 'Lock acquired by this request.', 'Lock');
  $this->assertTrue(lock_acquire('system_test_lock_acquire'), 'Lock extended by this request.', 'Lock');

  // Cause another request to acquire the lock.
  $this->assertText($lock_acquired, 'Lock acquired by the other request.', 'Lock');
  // The other request has finished, thus it should have released its lock.
  $this->assertTrue(lock_acquire('system_test_lock_acquire'), 'Lock acquired by this request.', 'Lock');
  // This request holds the lock, so the other request cannot acquire it.
  $this->assertText($lock_not_acquired, 'Lock not acquired by the other request.', 'Lock');

  // Try a very short timeout and lock breaking.
  $this->assertTrue(lock_acquire('system_test_lock_acquire', 0.5), 'Lock acquired by this request.', 'Lock');
  // The other request should break our lock.
  $this->assertText($lock_acquired, 'Lock acquired by the other request, breaking our lock.', 'Lock');
  // We cannot renew it, since the other thread took it.
  $this->assertFalse(lock_acquire('system_test_lock_acquire'), 'Lock cannot be extended by this request.', 'Lock');

  // Check the shut-down function.
  $lock_acquired_exit = 'TRUE: Lock successfully acquired in system_test_lock_exit()';
  $lock_not_acquired_exit = 'FALSE: Lock not acquired in system_test_lock_exit()';
  $this->assertText($lock_acquired_exit, 'Lock acquired by the other request before exit.', 'Lock');
  $this->assertTrue(lock_acquire('system_test_lock_exit'), 'Lock acquired by this request after the other request exits.', 'Lock');