1 form.test FormsFormStorageTestCase::testFormStatePersist()

Tests a form using form state without using 'storage' to pass data from the constructor to a submit handler. The data has to persist even when caching gets activated, what may happen when a modules alter the form and adds #ajax properties.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/form.test, line 1250
Unit tests for the Backdrop Form API.


Test the form storage on a multistep form.


function testFormStatePersist() {
  // Test the form one time with caching activated and one time without.
  $run_options = array(
    array('query' => array('cache' => 1)),
  foreach ($run_options as $options) {
    $this->backdropPost('form-test/state-persist', array(), t('Submit'), $options);
    // The submit handler outputs the value in $form_state, assert it's there.
    $this->assertText('State persisted.');

    // Test it again, but first trigger a validation error, then test.
    $this->backdropPost('form-test/state-persist', array('title' => ''), t('Submit'), $options);
    $this->assertText(t('!name field is required.', array('!name' => 'title')));
    // Submit the form again triggering no validation error.
    $this->backdropPost(NULL, array('title' => 'foo'), t('Submit'), $options);
    $this->assertText('State persisted.');

    // Now post to the rebuilt form and verify it's still there afterwards.
    $this->backdropPost(NULL, array('title' => 'bar'), t('Submit'), $options);
    $this->assertText('State persisted.');