1 file.test FileDirectoryTest::testFileDestination()

This will test the filepath for a destination based on passed flags and whether or not the file exists.

If a file exists, file_destination($destination, $replace) will either return:

If the file doesn't currently exist, then it will return the filepath.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test, line 1212
This provides SimpleTests for the core file handling functionality. These include FileValidateTest and FileSaveTest.


Directory related tests.


function testFileDestination() {
  // First test for non-existent file.
  $destination = 'core/misc/xyz.txt';
  $path = file_destination($destination, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE);
  $this->assertEqual($path, $destination, 'Non-existing filepath destination is correct with FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE.', 'File');
  $path = file_destination($destination, FILE_EXISTS_RENAME);
  $this->assertEqual($path, $destination, 'Non-existing filepath destination is correct with FILE_EXISTS_RENAME.', 'File');
  $path = file_destination($destination, FILE_EXISTS_ERROR);
  $this->assertEqual($path, $destination, 'Non-existing filepath destination is correct with FILE_EXISTS_ERROR.', 'File');

  $destination = 'core/misc/feed.png';
  $path = file_destination($destination, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE);
  $this->assertEqual($path, $destination, 'Existing filepath destination remains the same with FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE.', 'File');
  $path = file_destination($destination, FILE_EXISTS_RENAME);
  $this->assertNotEqual($path, $destination, 'A new filepath destination is created when filepath destination already exists with FILE_EXISTS_RENAME.', 'File');
  $path = file_destination($destination, FILE_EXISTS_ERROR);
  $this->assertEqual($path, FALSE, 'An error is returned when filepath destination already exists with FILE_EXISTS_ERROR.', 'File');

  try {
    file_destination("core/misc/a\xFFtest\x80€.txt", FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE);
    $this->fail('Expected exception not thrown');
  catch (RuntimeException $e) {
    $this->assertEqual("Invalid filename 'a\xFFtest\x80€.txt'", $e->getMessage(), 'Invalid filename with escaped characters.');