1 database_test.test DatabaseTemporaryQueryTestCase::testTemporaryQuery()

Confirm that temporary tables work and are limited to one request.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test, line 3016
Database tests.


Temporary query tests.


function testTemporaryQuery() {
  $data = json_decode($this->backdropGetContent());
  if ($data) {
    $this->assertEqual($this->countTableRows("system"), $data->row_count, 'The temporary table contains the correct amount of rows.');
    $this->assertFalse(db_table_exists($data->table_name), 'The temporary table is, indeed, temporary.');
  else {
    $this->fail("The creation of the temporary table failed.");

  // Now try to run two db_query_temporary() in the same request.
  $table_name_system = db_query_temporary('SELECT status FROM {system}', array());
  $table_name_users = db_query_temporary('SELECT uid FROM {users}', array());

  $this->assertEqual($this->countTableRows($table_name_system), $this->countTableRows("system"), 'A temporary table was created successfully in this request.');
  $this->assertEqual($this->countTableRows($table_name_users), $this->countTableRows("users"), 'A second temporary table was created successfully in this request.');

  // Check that leading whitespace and comments do not cause problems
  // in the modified query.
  $sql = "
      -- Let's select some rows into a temporary table
      SELECT name FROM {test}
  $table_name_test = db_query_temporary($sql, array());
  $this->assertEqual($this->countTableRows($table_name_test), $this->countTableRows('test'), 'Leading white space and comments do not interfere with temporary table creation.');