1 batch_test.callbacks.inc _batch_test_callback_5($id, $sleep, &$context)

Simple batch operation.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/batch_test.callbacks.inc, line 56
Batch callbacks for the Batch API tests.


function _batch_test_callback_5($id, $sleep, &$context) {
  // No-op, but ensure the batch take a couple iterations.
  // Batch needs time to run for the test, so sleep a bit.
  // Track execution, and store some result for post-processing in the
  // 'finished' callback.
  batch_test_stack("op 5 id $id");
  $context['results'][5][] = $id;
  // This test is to test finished > 1
  $context['finished'] = 3.14;