1 ajax.test AJAXElementValidation::testAJAXElementValidation()

Try to post an Ajax change to a form that has a validated element.

The drivertext field is Ajax-enabled. An additional field is not, but is set to be a required field. In this test the required field is not filled in, and we want to see if the activation of the "drivertext" Ajax-enabled field fails due to the required field being empty.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/ajax.test, line 552
Ajax Tests.


Miscellaneous Ajax tests using ajax_test module.


function testAJAXElementValidation() {
  $web_user = $this->backdropCreateUser();
  $edit = array('drivertext' => t('some dumb text'));

  // Post with 'drivertext' as the triggering element.
  $post_result = $this->backdropPostAJAX('ajax_validation_test', $edit, 'drivertext');
  // Look for a validation failure in the resultant JSON.
  $this->assertNoText(t('Error message'), "No error message in resultant JSON");
  $this->assertText('ajax_forms_test_validation_form_callback invoked', 'The correct callback was invoked');