1 search.extender.inc public SearchQuery::execute()

Executes the search.

If not already done, this executes the first pass query. Then the complex conditions are applied to the query including score expressions and ordering.

Return value

FALSE if the first pass query returned no results, and a database result: set if there were results.

Overrides SelectQueryExtender::execute


core/modules/search/search.extender.inc, line 450
Search query extender and helper functions.


Do a query on the full-text search index for a word or words.


public function execute() 
  if (!$this->executedFirstPass) {
  if (!$this->normalize) {
    return new DatabaseStatementEmpty();

  // Add conditions to query.
  $this->join('search_dataset', 'd', 'i.sid = d.sid AND i.type = d.type');

  if (empty($this->scores)) {
    // Add default score.

  if (count($this->multiply)) {
    // Re-normalize scores with multipliers by dividing by the total of all
    // multipliers. The expressions were altered in addScore(), so here just
    // add the arguments for the total.
    $i = 0;
    $sum = array_sum($this->multiply);
    foreach ($this->multiply as $total) {
      $this->scoresArguments[':total_' . $i] = $sum;

  // Replace the pseudo-expression 'i.relevance' with a measure of keyword
  // relevance in all score expressions, using string replacement. Careful
  // though! If you just print out a float, some locales use ',' as the
  // decimal separator in PHP, while SQL always uses '.'. So, make sure to
  // set the number format correctly.
  $relevance = number_format((1.0 / $this->normalize), 10, '.', '');
  $this->scores = str_replace('i.relevance', '(' . $relevance . ' * i.score * t.count)', $this->scores);

  // Add all scores together to form a query field.
  $this->addExpression('SUM(' . implode(' + ', $this->scores) . ')', 'calculated_score', $this->scoresArguments);

  // If an order has not yet been set for this query, add a default order
  // that sorts by the calculated sum of scores.
  if (count($this->getOrderBy()) == 0) {
    $this->orderBy('calculated_score', 'DESC');

  // Add tag and useful metadata.
  ->addTag('search_' . $this->type)
    ->addMetaData('normalize', $this->normalize)
    ->fields('i', array('type', 'sid'));

  return $this->query->execute();