1 search.extender.inc public SearchQuery::addScore($score, $arguments = array(), $multiply = FALSE)

Adds a custom score expression to the search query.

Score expressions are used to order search results. If no calls to addScore() have taken place, a default keyword relevance score will be used. However, if at least one call to addScore() has taken place, the keyword relevance score is not automatically added.

Note that you must use this method to add ordering to your searches, and not call orderBy() directly, when using the SearchQuery extender. This is because of the two-pass system the SearchQuery class uses to normalize scores.


$score: The score expression, which should evaluate to a number between 0 and 1. The string 'i.relevance' in a score expression will be replaced by a measure of keyword relevance between 0 and 1.

$arguments: Query arguments needed to provide values to the score expression.

$multiply: If set, the score is multiplied with this value. However, all scores with multipliers are then divided by the total of all multipliers, so that overall, the normalization is maintained.

Return value

object: The updated query object.


core/modules/search/search.extender.inc, line 420
Search query extender and helper functions.


Do a query on the full-text search index for a word or words.


public function addScore($score, $arguments = array(), $multiply = FALSE) {
  if ($multiply) {
    $i = count($this->multiply);
    // Modify the score expression so it is multiplied by the multiplier,
    // with a divisor to renormalize.
    $score = "CAST(:multiply_$i AS DECIMAL) * COALESCE(( " . $score . "), 0) / CAST(:total_$i AS DECIMAL)";
    // Add an argument for the multiplier. The :total_$i argument is taken
    // care of in the execute() method, which is when the total divisor is
    // calculated.
    $arguments[':multiply_' . $i] = $multiply;
    $this->multiply[] = $multiply;

  $this->scores[] = $score;
  $this->scoresArguments += $arguments;

  return $this;