1 node.test protected NodeAccessBaseTableTestCase::assertTaxonomyPage($is_admin)

Checks taxonomy/term listings to ensure only accessible nodes are listed.


$is_admin: A boolean indicating whether the current user is an administrator. If TRUE, all nodes should be listed. If FALSE, only public nodes and the user's own private nodes should be listed.


core/modules/node/tests/node.test, line 1491
Tests for node.module.


Tests for Node Access with a non-node base table.


protected function assertTaxonomyPage($is_admin) {
  foreach (array($this->publicTid, $this->privateTid) as $tid_is_private => $tid) {
    $this->nids_visible = array();
    foreach ($this->xpath("//a[text()='Read more']") as $link) {
      $this->assertTrue(preg_match('|node/(\d+)$|', (string) $link['href'], $matches), 'Read more points to a node');
      $this->nids_visible[$matches[1]] = TRUE;
    foreach ($this->nodesByUser as $uid => $data) {
      foreach ($data as $nid => $is_private) {
        // Private nodes should be visible on the private term page,
        // public nodes should be visible on the public term page.
        $should_be_visible = $tid_is_private == $is_private;
        // Non-administrators can only see their own nodes on the private
        // term page.
        if (!$is_admin && $tid_is_private) {
          $should_be_visible = $should_be_visible && $uid == $this->webUser->uid;
        $this->assertIdentical(isset($this->nids_visible[$nid]), $should_be_visible, strtr('A %private node by user %uid is %visible for user %current_uid on the %tid_is_private page.', array(
          '%private' => $is_private ? 'private' : 'public',
          '%uid' => $uid,
          '%visible' => isset($this->nids_visible[$nid]) ? 'visible' : 'not visible',
          '%current_uid' => $this->webUser->uid,
          '%tid_is_private' => $tid_is_private ? 'private' : 'public',