1 menu.module menu_block_info()

Implements hook_block_info().


core/modules/menu/menu.module, line 495
Allows administrators to customize the site's menus.


function menu_block_info() {
  $menus = menu_get_menus(FALSE);

  $blocks = array();
  foreach ($menus as $name => $title) {
    $blocks[$name] = array(
      // No need to wrap $title in t(), since these menu titles are already
      // translated.
      'info' => check_plain($title),
      'description' => t('A list of links for the menu: %title.', array('%title' => $title)),
      // Menu blocks can't be cached because each menu item can have a custom
      // access callback. menu.inc manages its own caching.
      'cache' => BACKDROP_NO_CACHE,
  return $blocks;