LayoutInterfaceTest::testLayoutMenuItems in core/modules/layout/tests/layout.test
Tests conditions and menu item navigation.
LayoutInterfaceTest::testMenuItemReassignment in core/modules/layout/tests/layout.test
Ensure that reassignment of menu items works when deleting layouts.
layout_get_layout_tempstore in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Get a layout or menu item currently being edited from the tempstore.
layout_menu_item_load_multiple_by_path in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Load an individual Layout menu item based on its path.
layout_page_callback in core/modules/layout/
Menu callback; Generic page callback for all Layout-provided pages.
layout_path_load in core/modules/layout/layout.module
Menu loader callback; Convert %layout_path placeholders to loaded objects.
_layout_page_access in core/modules/layout/
Access callback; Check access for Layout-provided pages.