Callbacks and related functions invoked by authorize.php to update projects.

We use the Batch API to actually update each individual project on the site. All of the code in this file is run at a low bootstrap level (modules are not loaded), so these functions cannot assume access to the rest of the code of the Update Manager module.




Namesort descending Description
installer_authorize_batch_copy_project Batch callback: Copies project to its proper place when authorized to do so.
installer_authorize_install_batch_finished Batch callback: Performs actions when the authorized install batch is done.
installer_authorize_run_install Installs a new project when invoked by authorize.php.
installer_authorize_run_update Updates existing projects when invoked by authorize.php.
installer_authorize_update_batch_finished Batch callback: Performs actions when the authorized update batch is done.
_installer_authorize_clear_update_status Clears cached available update status data.
_installer_batch_create_message Creates a structure of log messages.