1 image.field.inc image_field_instance_settings_form_validate($element, &$form_state, $complete_form)

Element validate handler for image_field_instance_settings_form().


core/modules/image/image.field.inc, line 227
Implement an image field, based on the file module's file field.


function image_field_instance_settings_form_validate($element, &$form_state, $complete_form) {
  $min = $form_state['values']['instance']['settings']['min_dimensions'];
  $max = $form_state['values']['instance']['settings']['max_dimensions'];
  $min_dimensions = explode('x', $min) + array('', '');
  $max_dimensions = explode('x', $max) + array('', '');

  $min_dimensions_x = (int) $min_dimensions[0];
  $min_dimensions_y = (int) $min_dimensions[1];
  $max_dimensions_x = (int) $max_dimensions[0];
  $max_dimensions_y = (int) $max_dimensions[1];

  // Ensure that min dimensions are not set to be bigger than max dimensions,
  // but only if max dimensions have been specified. This allows to set min
  // dimensions, without having to restrict max dimensions.
  if ((!empty($max_dimensions_x) && $min_dimensions_x > $max_dimensions_x) || (!empty($max_dimensions_y) && $min_dimensions_y > $max_dimensions_y)) {
    form_set_error('instance][settings][min_dimensions', t('The minimum image dimensions cannot be bigger than its maximum dimensions.'));