1 image.admin.inc image_scale_form($data)

Form structure for the image scale form.

Note that this is not a complete form, it only contains the portion of the form for configuring the scale options. Therefore it does not not need to include metadata about the effect, nor a submit button.


$data: The current configuration for this scale effect.


core/modules/image/image.admin.inc, line 498
Admin page callbacks for the Image module.


function image_scale_form($data) {
  $form = image_resize_form($data);
  $form['#element_validate'] = array('image_effect_scale_validate');
  $form['width']['#required'] = FALSE;
  $form['height']['#required'] = FALSE;
  $form['upscale'] = array(
    '#type' => 'checkbox',
    '#default_value' => (isset($data['upscale'])) ? $data['upscale'] : 0,
    '#title' => t('Enable upscaling'),
    '#description' => t('Allows images to be made larger than their original size.'),

  return $form;