1 options.module _options_storage_to_form($items, $options, $column, $properties)

Transforms stored field values into the format the widgets need.


core/modules/field/modules/options/options.module, line 306
Defines selection, check box and radio button widgets for text and numeric fields.


function _options_storage_to_form($items, $options, $column, $properties) {
  $items_transposed = options_array_transpose($items);
  $values = (isset($items_transposed[$column]) && is_array($items_transposed[$column])) ? $items_transposed[$column] : array();

  // Discard values that are not in the current list of options. Flatten the
  // array if needed.
  if ($properties['optgroups']) {
    $options = options_array_flatten($options);
  $values = array_values(array_intersect($values, array_keys($options)));
  return $values;