1 list.module list_field_update_forbid($field, $prior_field, $has_data)

Implements hook_field_update_forbid().


core/modules/field/modules/list/list.module, line 397
Defines list field types that can be used with the Options module.


function list_field_update_forbid($field, $prior_field, $has_data) {
  if ($field['module'] == 'list' && $has_data) {
    // Forbid any update that removes allowed values with actual data.
    $lost_keys = array_diff(array_keys($prior_field['settings']['allowed_values']), array_keys($field['settings']['allowed_values']));
    if (_list_values_in_use($field, $lost_keys)) {
      throw new FieldUpdateForbiddenException(t('A list field (@field_name) with existing data cannot have its keys changed.', array('@field_name' => $field['field_name'])));