FieldBlock extends Block

Provides entity field values in configurable blocks.


Expanded class hierarchy of FieldBlock


core/modules/field/, line 7


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Namesort ascending Modifiers Type Description
LayoutHandler::label function Assemble a human-readable label of this object.
FieldBlock::__construct function Create a new Block object. Overrides Block::__construct
FieldBlock::getTitle function Sets block subject on block view. Overrides Block::getTitle
FieldBlock::getContent function Sets block content on block view. Overrides Block::getContent
FieldBlock::getChildren function Creates an array of "child blocks" for display in the "Add Block" dialog. Overrides Block::getChildren
FieldBlock::getAdminTitle function Sets title text on draggable block panel in Layout builder. Overrides Block::getAdminTitle
FieldBlock::getAdminPreview function Sets description text on draggable block in Layout builder. Overrides Block::getAdminPreview
FieldBlock::formSubmit function Submit handler to save the form settings. Overrides Block::formSubmit
FieldBlock::formatterFormAjax static function Form #ajax callback used by FieldBlock::form().
FieldBlock::form function Builds the block's configuration form. Overrides Block::form
FieldBlock::createPseudoInstance protected function Create a field instance and display that uses custom formatter settings.
Block::toArray function Convert the configuration of this block to an array for storage. Overrides LayoutHandler::toArray
Block::setContexts function Set the contexts for this block.
Block::prepare function Do any processing prior to getTitle() and getContent() being called.
Block::getRequiredContexts function Get a list of all required context plugin names for this block.
Block::getClone function Clone this block to give it a new UUID but the same configuration.
Block::getBlockInfo function Return the block info for this block, as provided by hook_block_info().
Block::getAdminConditionsPreview function Return a fieldset listing any visibility conditions set for this block.
Block::formValidate function Validate handler to validate the form settings.
Block::checkAccess function Check if this block should be shown based on current contexts.