1 EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerGeneric.inc public EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerGeneric_user::entityFieldQueryAlter(SelectQueryInterface $query)

Implements EntityReferenceHandler::entityFieldQueryAlter().

Overrides EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerGeneric::entityFieldQueryAlter


core/modules/entityreference/plugins/selection/EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerGeneric.inc, line 394
Generic Entity handler.


Override for the User entity type.


public function entityFieldQueryAlter(SelectQueryInterface $query) {
  if (user_access('administer users')) {
    // In addition, if the user is administrator, need to make sure to
    // match the anonymous user, which doesn't actually have a name in the
    // database.
    $conditions = &$query->conditions();
    foreach ($conditions as $key => $condition) {
      if ($key !== '#conjunction' && is_string($condition['field']) && $condition['field'] === 'users.name') {
        // Remove the condition.

        // Re-add the condition and a condition on uid = 0 so that we end up
        // with a query in the form:
        //    WHERE (name LIKE :name) OR (:anonymous_name LIKE :name AND uid = 0)
        $or = db_or();
        $or->condition($condition['field'], $condition['value'], $condition['operator']);
        // The Database layer doesn't allow us to build a condition
        // in the form ':placeholder = :placeholder2', because the 'field'
        // part of a condition is always escaped.
        // As a workaround, build a condition with no field, and concatenate
        // the field and the condition separately.
        $value_part = db_and();
        $value_part->condition('anonymous_name', $condition['value'], $condition['operator']);
        $value_part->compile(Database::getConnection(), $query);
          ->where(str_replace('`anonymous_name`', ':anonymous_name', (string) $value_part), $value_part->arguments() + array(':anonymous_name' => format_username(user_load(0))))
          ->condition('users.uid', 0)