@file Abstraction of the selection logic of an entity reference field.

Implementations that wish to provide an implementation of this should register it with hook_entityreference_selection_plugins().

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Expanded class hierarchy of EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface


core/modules/entityreference/plugins/selection/EntityReferenceSelectionHandler.inc, line 10
Abstraction of the selection logic of an entity reference field.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::countReferencableEntities public function Count entities that are referenceable by a given field.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::entityFieldQueryAlter public function Give the handler a chance to alter the SelectQuery generated by EntityFieldQuery.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::getInstance public static function Factory function: create a new instance of this handler for a given field.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::getLabel public function Return the label of a given entity.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::getReferencableEntities public function Return a list of referenceable entities.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::settingsForm public static function Generate a settings form for this handler.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::validateAutocompleteInput public function Validate Input from autocomplete widget that has no Id.
EntityReferenceSelectionHandlerInterface::validateReferencableEntities public function Validate that entities can be referenced by this field.