1 entityreference.module entityreference_field_property_callback(&$info, $entity_type, $field, $instance, $field_type)

Property callback for the Entity Metadata framework.


core/modules/entityreference/entityreference.module, line 668
Entityreference primary module file.


function entityreference_field_property_callback(&$info, $entity_type, $field, $instance, $field_type) {
  // Only Entity Plus would parse the property_callbacks, but check just to
  // be safe.
  if (module_exists('entity_plus')) {
    // Set the property type based on the targe type.
    $field_type['property_type'] = $field['settings']['target_type'];

    // Then apply the default.
    entity_plus_metadata_field_default_property_callback($info, $entity_type, $field, $instance, $field_type);

    // Invoke the behaviors to allow them to change the properties.
    foreach (entityreference_get_behavior_handlers($field, $instance) as $handler) {
      $handler->property_info_alter($info, $entity_type, $field, $instance, $field_type);