1 entity_cache_test.module entity_cache_test_watchdog($log_entry)

Implements hook_watchdog().

This hook is called during module_enable() and since this hook implementation is invoked, we have to expect that this module and dependent modules have been properly installed already. So we expect to be able to retrieve the entity information that has been registered by the required dependency module.

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core/modules/entity/tests/entity_cache_test/entity_cache_test.module, line 19
Helper module for entity cache tests.


function entity_cache_test_watchdog($log_entry) {
  if ($log_entry['type'] == 'system' && $log_entry['message'] == '%module module installed.') {
    $info = entity_get_info('entity_cache_test');
    // Store the information in a system variable to analyze it later in the
    // test case.
    state_set('entity_cache_test', $info);