Filter handler to accept a user id to check for nodes that user posted or commented on.


Expanded class hierarchy of views_handler_filter_comment_user_uid

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core/modules/comment/views/, line 13
Definition of views_handler_filter_comment_user_uid.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Type Descriptionsort descending
views_handler_filter_in_operator::operator_values function
views_handler_filter_in_operator::op_simple function
views_handler_filter_in_operator::op_empty function
views_handler_filter::convert_exposed_input function
views_object::_set_option_defaults function
views_object::destroy function
views_handler_filter_comment_user_uid::query function Add this filter to the query. Overrides views_handler_filter_in_operator::query
views_handler_filter::group_form function Build a form containing a group of operator | values to apply as a single filter.
views_handler_filter_in_operator::operator_options function Build strings from the operators() for 'select' options Overrides views_handler_filter::operator_options
views_handler_filter::build_group_form function Build the form to let users create the group of exposed filters. This form is displayed when users click on button 'Build group'
views_handler::set_relationship function Called just prior to query(), this lets a handler set up any relationship it needs.
views_handler_filter::can_group function Can this filter be used in OR groups?
views_handler_filter_user_name::accept_exposed_input function Check to see if input from the exposed filters should change the behavior of this filter. Overrides views_handler_filter_in_operator::accept_exposed_input
views_handler::access function Check whether current user has access to this handler.
views_handler_filter_user_name::get_value_options function Child classes should be used to override this function and set the 'value options', unless 'options callback' is defined as a valid function or static public method to generate these values. Overrides views_handler_filter_in_operator::get_value_options
views_handler_filter::can_build_group function Determine if a filter can be converted into a group. Only exposed filters with operators available can be converted into groups.
views_handler_filter::can_expose function Determine if a filter can be exposed. Overrides views_handler::can_expose
views_handler::needs_style_plugin function Determine if the argument needs a style plugin.
views_handler::broken function Determine if the handler is considered 'broken', meaning it's a a placeholder used when a handler can't be found.
views_handler::is_exposed function Determine if this item is 'exposed', meaning it provides form elements to let users modify the view.
views_handler_filter_user_name::admin_summary function Display the filter on the administrative summary Overrides views_handler_filter_in_operator::admin_summary
views_handler::ensure_my_table function Ensure the main table for this handler is in the query. This is used a lot.
views_handler::get_join function Get the join object that should be used for this handler.
views_handler::has_extra_options function If a handler has 'extra options' it will get a little settings widget and another form called extra_options.
views_handler_filter::store_group_input function If set to remember exposed input in the session, store it there. This function is similar to store_exposed_input but modified to work properly when the filter is a group.
views_handler_filter::store_exposed_input function If set to remember exposed input in the session, store it there. Overrides views_handler::store_exposed_input
views_handler_filter_in_operator::option_definition function Information about options for all kinds of purposes will be held here. @code 'option_name' => array( Overrides views_handler_filter::option_definition
views_object::set_definition function Let the handler know what its full definition is.
views_handler_filter::exposed_translate function Make some translations to a form item to make it more suitable to exposing.
views_handler_filter_in_operator::expose_form function Options form subform for exposed filter options. Overrides views_handler_filter::expose_form
views_handler_filter_user_name::value_form function Options form subform for setting options. Overrides views_handler_filter_in_operator::value_form
views_handler_filter::operator_form function Options form subform for setting the operator.
views_handler::expose_submit function Perform any necessary changes to the form exposes prior to storage. There is no need for this function to actually store the data.
views_handler_filter_user_name::value_submit function Perform any necessary changes to the form values prior to storage. There is no need for this function to actually store the data. Overrides views_handler_filter_in_operator::value_submit
views_handler_filter::operator_submit function Perform any necessary changes to the form values prior to storage. There is no need for this function to actually store the data.
views_handler::groupby_form_submit function Perform any necessary changes to the form values prior to storage. There is no need for this function to actually store the data.
views_handler::extra_options_submit function Perform any necessary changes to the form values prior to storage. There is no need for this function to actually store the data.
views_handler::groupby_form function Provide a form for aggregation settings.
views_handler::extra_options_form function Provide a form for setting options.
views_handler_filter_in_operator::expose_options function Provide default options for exposed filters. Overrides views_handler_filter::expose_options
views_handler_filter::build_group_options function Provide default options for exposed filters.
views_handler::extra_options function Provide defaults for the handler.
views_handler_filter::init function Provide some extra help to get the operator/value easier to use. Overrides views_handler::init
views_handler_filter::options_form function Provide the basic form which calls through to subforms. If overridden, it is best to call through to the parent, or to at least make sure all of the functions in this form are called. Overrides views_handler::options_form
views_handler::placeholder function Provides a unique placeholders for handlers.
views_handler::use_group_by function Provides the handler some groupby.
views_handler_filter::exposed_form function Render our chunk of the exposed filter form when selecting Overrides views_handler::exposed_form
views_handler::ui_name function Return a string representing this handler's name in the UI.
views_handler_filter::group_multiple_exposed_input function Returns the options available for a grouped filter that users checkboxes as widget, and therefore has to be applied several times, one per item selected.
views_handler_filter::is_a_group function Returns TRUE if the exposed filter works like a grouped filter. Overrides views_handler::is_a_group
views_handler_filter::multiple_exposed_input function Returns TRUE if users can select multiple groups items of a grouped exposed filter. Overrides views_handler::multiple_exposed_input
views_handler::post_execute function Run after the view is executed, before the result is cached.
views_handler::pre_query function Run before the view is built.
views_handler::sanitize_value function Sanitize the value for output.
views_handler_filter::prepare_filter_select_options function Sanitizes the HTML select element's options.
views_handler_filter::build_group_submit function Save new group items, re-enumerates and remove groups marked to delete.
views_object::options Deprecated function Set default options on this object. Called by the constructor in a complex chain to deal with backward compatibility.
views_object::set_default_options function Set default options. For backward compatibility, it sends the options array; this is a feature that will likely disappear at some point.
views_handler_filter::show_build_group_button function Shortcut to display the build_group/hide button.
views_handler_filter::show_expose_button function Shortcut to display the expose/hide button. Overrides views_handler::show_expose_button
views_handler_filter::show_build_group_form function Shortcut to display the exposed options form.
views_handler::show_expose_form function Shortcut to display the exposed options form.
views_handler_filter::show_operator_form function Shortcut to display the operator form.
views_handler_filter::show_value_form function Shortcut to display the value form.
views_handler::get_field function Shortcut to get a handler's raw field value.
views_handler_filter::options_submit function Simple submit handler Overrides views_handler::options_submit
views_handler_filter::options_validate function Simple validate handler Overrides views_handler::options_validate
views_handler::exposed_submit function Submit the exposed handler form
views_handler_filter::exposed_info function Tell the renderer about our exposed form. This only needs to be overridden for particularly complex forms. And maybe not even then. Overrides views_handler::exposed_info
views_handler::$table_alias public property The alias of the table of this handler which is used in the query.
views_handler::$table public property The Views name of the table on which this handler effects.
views_handler_filter_in_operator::operators function This kind of construct makes it relatively easy for a child class to add or remove functionality by overriding this function and adding/removing items from this array.
views_handler::case_transform function Transform a string by a certain method.
views_object::unpack_translatable public function Unpack a single option definition.
views_object::unpack_options function Unpack options over our existing defaults, drilling down into arrays so that defaults don't get totally blown away.
views_object::unpack_translatables public function Unpacks each handler to store translatable texts.
views_handler_filter::build_group_validate function Validate the build group options form.
views_handler_filter_user_name::exposed_validate function Validate the exposed handler form Overrides views_handler::exposed_validate
views_handler_filter::operator_validate function Validate the operator form.
views_handler_filter_user_name::value_validate function Validate the options form. Overrides views_handler_filter::value_validate
views_handler_filter::expose_validate function Validate the options form. Overrides views_handler::expose_validate
views_handler::extra_options_validate function Validate the options form.
views_handler_filter_user_name::validate_user_strings function Validate the user string. Since this can come from either the form or the exposed filter, this is abstracted out a bit so it can handle the multiple input sources.
views_handler_filter_in_operator::validate function Validates the handler against the complete View. Overrides views_handler::validate
views_handler_filter_in_operator::construct function Views handlers use a special construct function so that we can more easily construct them with variable arguments. Overrides views_object::construct
views_handler_filter_in_operator::reduce_value_options function When using exposed filters, we may be required to reduce the set.