1 comment.test CommentContentRebuild::testCommentRebuild()

Tests the rebuilding of comment's content arrays on calling comment_view().


core/modules/comment/tests/comment.test, line 1903
Tests for the Comment module.


Tests comment content rebuilding.


function testCommentRebuild() {
  // Update the comment settings so preview isn't required.

  // Log in as the web user and add the comment.
  $title_text = $this->randomName();
  $comment_text = $this->randomName();
  $comment = $this->postComment($this->node, $comment_text, $title_text, TRUE);
  $comment_loaded = comment_load($comment->id);
  $this->assertTrue($this->commentExists($comment), 'Comment found.');

  // Add the property to the content array and then see if it still exists on build.
  $comment_loaded->content['test_property'] = array('#value' => $this->randomString());
  $built_content = comment_view($comment_loaded, $this->node);

  // This means that the content was rebuilt as the added test property no longer exists.
  $this->assertFalse(isset($built_content['test_property']), 'Comment content was emptied before being built.');