1 comment.module comment_prepare_thread(&$comments)

Calculates the indentation level of each comment in a comment thread.

This function loops over an array representing a comment thread. For each comment, the function calculates the indentation level and saves it in the 'divs' property of the comment object.


array $comments: An array of comment objects, keyed by comment ID.


core/modules/comment/comment.module, line 912
Enables users to comment on published content.


function comment_prepare_thread(&$comments) {
  // A flag stating if we are still searching for first new comment on the thread.
  $first_new = TRUE;

  // A counter that helps track how indented we are.
  $divs = 0;

  foreach ($comments as $key => $comment) {
    if ($first_new && $comment->new != MARK_READ) {
      // Assign the anchor only for the first new comment. This avoids duplicate
      // id attributes on a page.
      $first_new = FALSE;
      $comment->first_new = TRUE;

    // The $divs element instructs #prefix whether to add an indent div or
    // close existing divs (a negative value).
    $comment->depth = count(explode('.', $comment->thread)) - 1;
    if ($comment->depth > $divs) {
      $comment->divs = 1;
    else {
      $comment->divs = $comment->depth - $divs;
      while ($comment->depth < $divs) {
    $comments[$key] = $comment;

  // The final comment must close up some hanging divs
  $comments[$key]->divs_final = $divs;