1 ckeditor.module ckeditor_image_plugin_check($format)

Enabled callback for hook_ckeditor_plugins().

Checks if our Caption plugin should be enabled based on the configuration of a text format and editor.


$format: The filter format object for which CKEditor is checking settings.

Return value

bool: TRUE if the image plugin is enabled, FALSE otherwise.


core/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor.module, line 373
Provides integration with the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor.


function ckeditor_image_plugin_check($format) {
  // Automatically enable caption support if the BackdropImage button is enabled.
  foreach ($format->editor_settings['toolbar'] as $row) {
    foreach ($row as $button_group) {
      if (in_array('BackdropImage', $button_group['items'])) {
        return TRUE;
  return FALSE;