Interface for a class which can update a Backdrop project.

An Updater currently serves the following purposes:

  • It can take a given directory, and determine if it can operate on it.
  • It can move the contents of that directory into the appropriate place on the system using FileTransfer classes.
  • It can return a list of "next steps" after an update or install.
  • In the future, it will most likely perform some of those steps as well.

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core/includes/, line 20
Classes used for updating various files in the Backdrop webroot. These classes use a FileTransfer object to actually perform the operations. Normally, the FileTransfer is provided when the site owner is redirected to authorize.php as part of a…


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
BackdropUpdaterInterface::canUpdateDirectory public static function Determine if the Updater can handle the project provided in $directory.
BackdropUpdaterInterface::getInstallDirectory public function
BackdropUpdaterInterface::getProjectName public static function Returns the system name of the project.
BackdropUpdaterInterface::isInstalled public function Checks if the project is installed.
BackdropUpdaterInterface::postInstall public function Actions to run after an install has occurred.
BackdropUpdaterInterface::postUpdate public function Actions to run after an update has occurred.