1 token.inc token_get_invalid_tokens($type, array $tokens)

Validate an array of tokens based on their token type.


string $type: The type of tokens to validate (e.g. 'node', etc.)

array $tokens: A keyed array of tokens, and their original raw form in the source text.

Return value

array: An array with the invalid tokens in their original raw forms.


core/includes/token.inc, line 783
Backdrop placeholder/token replacement system.


function token_get_invalid_tokens($type, array $tokens) {
  $token_info = token_get_info();
  $invalid_tokens = array();

  foreach ($tokens as $token => $full_token) {
    // Split token up if it has chains.
    $parts = explode(':', $token, 2);

    if (!isset($token_info['tokens'][$type][$parts[0]])) {
      // This is an invalid token (not defined).
      $invalid_tokens[] = $full_token;
    elseif (count($parts) == 2) {
      $sub_token_info = $token_info['tokens'][$type][$parts[0]];
      if (!empty($sub_token_info['dynamic'])) {
        // If this token has been flagged as a dynamic token, skip it.
      elseif (empty($sub_token_info['type'])) {
        // If the token has chains, but does not support it, it is invalid.
        $invalid_tokens[] = $full_token;
      else {
        // Recursively check the chained tokens.
        $sub_tokens = token_find_with_prefix(array($token => $full_token), $parts[0]);
        $invalid_tokens = array_merge($invalid_tokens, token_get_invalid_tokens($sub_token_info['type'], $sub_tokens));

  return $invalid_tokens;