Builds the run-time theme registry.

Extends BackdropCacheArray to allow the theme registry to be accessed as a complete registry, while internally caching only the parts of the registry that are actually in use on the site. On cache misses the complete theme registry is loaded and used to update the run-time cache.


Expanded class hierarchy of ThemeRegistry


core/includes/, line 382
The theme system, which controls the output of Backdrop.


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Name Modifiers Type Descriptionsort descending
BackdropCacheArray::$bin protected property A bin to pass to cache()->set() and cache()->get().
BackdropCacheArray::$cid protected property A cid to pass to cache()->set() and cache()->get().
BackdropCacheArray::$keysToPersist protected property An array of keys to add to the cache at the end of the request.
ThemeRegistry::__construct function Constructs a BackdropCacheArray object. Overrides BackdropCacheArray::__construct
BackdropCacheArray::__destruct public function Destructs the BackdropCacheArray object.
BackdropCacheArray::persist protected function Flags an offset value to be written to the persistent cache.
ThemeRegistry::offsetExists public function Implements ArrayAccess::offsetExists(). Overrides BackdropCacheArray::offsetExists
ThemeRegistry::offsetGet public function Implements ArrayAccess::offsetGet(). Overrides BackdropCacheArray::offsetGet
BackdropCacheArray::offsetSet public function Implements ArrayAccess::offsetSet().
BackdropCacheArray::offsetUnset public function Implements ArrayAccess::offsetUnset().
ThemeRegistry::initializeRegistry function Initializes the full theme registry.
ThemeRegistry::resolveCacheMiss public function Resolves a cache miss. Overrides BackdropCacheArray::resolveCacheMiss
BackdropCacheArray::$storage protected property Storage for the data itself.
ThemeRegistry::$completeRegistry protected property The complete theme registry array.
ThemeRegistry::$persistable protected property Whether the partial registry can be persisted to the cache.
ThemeRegistry::set public function Writes a value to the persistent cache immediately. Overrides BackdropCacheArray::set