1 session.inc _backdrop_session_garbage_collection($lifetime)

Session handler assigned by session_set_save_handler().

Cleans up stalled sessions.


$lifetime: The value of session.gc_maxlifetime, passed by PHP. Sessions not updated for more than $lifetime seconds will be removed.

Return value

TRUE: The garbage collection handler must always return TRUE.


core/includes/session.inc, line 520
User session handling functions.


function _backdrop_session_garbage_collection($lifetime) {
  // Be sure to adjust 'php_value session.gc_maxlifetime' to a large enough
  // value. For example, if you want user sessions to stay in your database
  // for three weeks before deleting them, you need to set gc_maxlifetime
  // to '1814400'. At that value, only after a user doesn't log in after
  // three weeks (1814400 seconds) will his/her session be removed.
    ->condition('timestamp', REQUEST_TIME - $lifetime, '<')
  return TRUE;