1 menu.inc menu_tree_set_path($menu_name, $path = NULL)

Sets the path for determining the active trail of the specified menu tree.

This path will also affect the breadcrumbs under some circumstances. Breadcrumbs are built using the preferred link returned by menu_link_get_preferred(). If the preferred link is inside one of the menus specified in calls to menu_tree_set_path(), the preferred link will be overridden by the corresponding path returned by menu_tree_get_path().

Setting this path does not affect the main content; for that use menu_set_active_item() instead.


string $menu_name: The name of the affected menu tree.

string $path: The path to use when finding the active trail.

Return value

string|NULL: The current menu path for the given menu, if any. NULL if not set.

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core/includes/menu.inc, line 1286
API for the Backdrop menu system.


function menu_tree_set_path($menu_name, $path = NULL) {
  $paths = &backdrop_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if (isset($path)) {
    $paths[$menu_name] = $path;
  return isset($paths[$menu_name]) ? $paths[$menu_name] : NULL;