1 menu.inc menu_build_tree($menu_name, array $parameters = array())

Builds a menu tree, translates links, and checks access.


$menu_name: The name of the menu.

$parameters: (optional) An associative array of build parameters. Possible keys:

  • expanded: An array of parent link ids to return only menu links that are children of one of the plids in this list. If empty, the whole menu tree is built, unless 'only_active_trail' is TRUE.
  • active_trail: An array of mlids, representing the coordinates of the currently active menu link.
  • only_active_trail: Whether to only return links that are in the active trail. This option is ignored, if 'expanded' is non-empty. Internally used for breadcrumbs.
  • min_depth: The minimum depth of menu links in the resulting tree. Defaults to 1, which is the default to build a whole tree for a menu (excluding menu container itself).
  • max_depth: The maximum depth of menu links in the resulting tree.
  • conditions: An associative array of custom database select query condition key/value pairs; see _menu_build_tree() for the actual query.

Return value

A fully built menu tree.:

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core/includes/menu.inc, line 1500
API for the Backdrop menu system.


function menu_build_tree($menu_name, array $parameters = array()) {
  // Build the menu tree.
  $data = _menu_build_tree($menu_name, $parameters);
  // Check access for the current user to each item in the tree.
  menu_tree_check_access($data['tree'], $data['node_links']);
  return $data['tree'];