1 install.core.inc install_database_errors($database, $settings_file)

Checks a database connection and returns any errors.


core/includes/install.core.inc, line 1036
API functions for installing Backdrop.


function install_database_errors($database, $settings_file) {
  global $databases;
  $errors = array();

  // Check database type.
  $driver = $database['driver'];
  if (!$mysql_driver = backdrop_load_database_driver()) {
    $errors['driver'] = st("In your %settings_file file you have configured @profile to use a %driver server, however your PHP installation currently does not support this database type.", array('%settings_file' => $settings_file, '@profile' => backdrop_install_profile_distribution_name(), '%driver' => $driver));
  else {
    // Run driver specific validation
    $errors += $mysql_driver->validateDatabaseSettings($database);

    // Run tasks associated with the database type. Any errors are caught in the
    // calling function.
    $databases['default']['default'] = $database;
    // Just changing the global doesn't get the new information processed.
    // We tell tell the Database class to re-parse $databases.

    try {
    catch (DatabaseTaskException $e) {
      // These are generic errors, so we do not have any specific key of the
      // database connection array to attach them to; therefore, we just put
      // them in the error array with standard numeric keys.
      $errors[$driver . '][0'] = $e->getMessage();
  return $errors;