BackdropLocalStreamWrapper::unlink in core/includes/
Support for unlink().
ConfigFileStorage::delete in core/includes/
Deletes a configuration object from the storage.
drupal_unlink in core/includes/
Deletes a file.
FileTransferLocal::removeDirectoryJailed in core/includes/filetransfer/
Removes a directory.
FileTransferLocal::removeFileJailed in core/includes/filetransfer/
Removes a file.
FileValidatorTest::testFileValidateImageResolution in core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
This ensures the resolution of a specific file is within bounds. The image will be resized if it's too large.
file_unmanaged_delete in core/includes/
Deletes a file without database changes or hook invocations.
LocaleExportFunctionalTest::testExportTranslation in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
Test exportation of translations.
LocaleImportFunctionalTest::importPoFile in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
Helper function: import a standalone .po file in a given language.
LocalePluralFormatTest::importPoFile in core/modules/locale/tests/locale.test
Imports a standalone .po file in a given language.